Provably Fair Casino Gaming

Provably Fair Casino

Fairness Gambling

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The idea of provably fair casino gaming is something unique to online gaming with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos are known for being fair and transparent, and provably fair gambling takes that to the next level by proving that the outcome of a bet was fair.

The system powering provably fair gaming is based on the cryptographic algorithm and hash functions used by bitcoin. These functions are difficult to break and decode.

What is Provably Fair Casino Gaming?

Provably fair casinos use open algorithms in the form of hashing, random seed generators, and random number generators to verify transactions on the site. Each transaction comes with a unique algorithm that can be checked and tested for fairness.

The blockchain platform is entirely open, decentralized, and can’t be altered. Purchases and payouts alike are available on a public ledger no one can mess with. A program code oversees the process with no need for human interference. How the system works is interesting if you take a closer look at it.

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How Does Probability Work?

How a provably fair system is applied can vary between games. The same basic principle is always there, though, at least for single-player games. It can be more challenging to verify multiplayer games such as poker. Checking group poker would require each individual card to be encrypted.

The power behind the provably fair system is a cryptographic hash. This hash is considered to be unbreakable. An unbreakable hash means that the information passed between players and casinos can be deciphered.

Here’s how it happens:

    • Casinos create seed numbers for bets
    • Seed numbers are hashed and sent to players
    • Players add their own seed, and the bet plays out
    • The player receives the seed from the bet at the end of the bet
    • If the seeds are a match, then the bet is verified, and it’s proven there was no interference
    • If the casino attempts to manipulate the bet, it will change the hash function, and so the bet wouldn’t be verified
Provably Fair Casinos by mFreeSpins

Player Tampering

There are two sides to the provably fair gaming coin. The first is that the casino makes the algorithm public so players can verify fairness. This means that, in theory, a player could tamper with their game. This means that provably fair gaming has to work in such a way where the final result is pre-determined with no interference from the player or the casino. Neither party is made aware of the outcome until the bet has played out entirely.

Think of it as if players and a casino each have a key to a safe box. They aren’t able to use that key until after the bet is completed. When everything is said and done, then they can open the safe to see if the result in the safe matches the one they were given in real life. If it does, then the bet is proven to be fair.

Is It Possible for a Provably Fair Casino to Cheat?

This technology means that the casino can’t cheat on the final result of a bet, but there are ways that they could still take advantage of their players. Make sure that you do some research into an online casino before you decide to give them your money. There are plenty of great online bitcoin casino review you can read to find a great one. Outside of that, you should understand how to check if provably fair games are provably fair.

How Do Casinos and Players Use Provably Fair Gaming to Ensure Games are Fair?

Players and casinos can check the underlying fairness of a game to ensure that it works as advertised, and there is little to no room for tampering or unfairness. Online casinos send players a randomly generated number or a seed number that is encrypted or hashed. Steps are taken to prevent duplicate hashes from being issued. After players finish their game or transaction, they can prove how fair it was by using the seeds. Players will use the algorithm, seeds, and hashes – along with the transaction itself – to determine whether or not the outcome was provably fair.

If the game was tampered with and it wasn’t fair after all, then the seeds won’t be a match when the game is over. Mismatched seeds prove that the game was not fair. The process can be replicated across other blockchains, not just the bitcoin one.

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Can Other Cryptocurrencies be Used for Provably Fair Gaming?

There are several cryptocurrencies out there, some of which are used for gambling. It’s not just bitcoin. This has opened the door for other blockchains to be opened up to provably fair gaming. The main point to remember is that provably fair gambling relies on a blockchain, so it can only be done with cryptocurrencies based on a blockchain.

Can You Use Fiat Currencies for Provably Fair Online Gaming?

Fiat currencies such as dollars and pounds can’t offer the same guarantees of fairness that cryptocurrencies can. There is no system in place that couldn’t be manipulated one way or another. Unlike blockchain transactions, which are fully recorded without human interaction, Fiat gambling has plenty of potential for human manipulation, poor transaction recording, and a lengthy process that leaves too many opportunities for greed or human error.


The concept of provably fair gaming was made possible through the blockchain. It gives gamblers the chance to gamble with transparency and the ability to verify all bets were fair and not manipulated. More people are likely to check out crypto gambling as word spreads of provably fair casinos.